Flight software engineer

T4i Technology for Propulsion and Innovation Srl
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Overall purpose of the job: This position is offered to support the space propulsion systems team, in particular on electrical thruster modules development. We need an experienced person in control and communication algorithm to perform the electrical, electronic, and signal interfaces between the propulsion subsystem and the spacecraft, using standard protocols (e.g. CAN BUS). 

The support will be focused on (but not limited to):
• realization and testing of communication protocol with the bus or the rest of standard satellite;
• conditioning of signal and data compression;
• realization of auxiliary subsystems and sequential logic for control and watchdog. A basic knowledge of FPGA or microcontroller electronic is preferable;
• Control of auxiliary subsystem and sequential logic for system monitoring. 

Key activities:
• management of communication protocol between the propulsion system and the satellite (CSP protocol);
• implementing of basic control logic in standard FPGA or microcontroller;
• design, realize and test of auxiliary communication boards and firmware programming; 
• support in control boards;
• support in data handling.

• Specific requirements:
• experience in standard CAN / I2C communication;
• firmware programming;
• preferably expertise on FPGA and/or microcontroller programming and implementation;
• expertise in CSP also in freeRTOS is preferable. A basic knowledge of FPGA or microcontroller electronic is desirable. 

Education: University Master degree in computer science, Telecommunication, electronic or software engineering, possibly with focus on embedded software development.

Language: full professional proficiency of English language is mandatory.

CV must be in English Language.