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HI, we are FFIND. We deal with data collection for quantitative and qualitative market research and we help the best research institutes in the world to carry out local and international studies using traditional and innovative methodologies.
We are hiring telephone interviewers market research, native speakers of all nationalities.
This is nothing to do with telesales or customer care: here we exclusively conduct market research studies on behalf of the world’s most important research agencies (e.g. Nielsen, GfK, Ipsos, Doxa, etc.).
You must therefore have good command of your own language, good diction, clear tone of voice and great empathy.
What you must have at home:
A domestic ADSL or fibre optic line (No mobile connections via tethering, WiMAX, or networks shared with other users)
A PC (Windows or Linux) or Mac, both either desktop or laptop, and with the latest version of Google Chrome installed (there is no functionality with other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, etc.)
Headphones with microphone (earphones with microphone are also acceptable, but prolonged use may cause discomfort)
If you think you possess these characteristics and you have these tools available, fill in the form and take part in the recruitment process. You’ll receive a series of emails in which I will guide you through 2 tests to assess whether you’re truly up to joining the FFIND team.
At the end of the tests I’ll also send you a draft contract. I can assure you that it’s a great, well-paid job.