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We are looking for experienced DevOps practitioners who can help lead the transformation in our project pipeline.
The candidate must have a passion for DevOps, innate precision, strong motivation in achieving results, ability to work in a team, ability to draw up support documentation.
It is required a good knowledge of English and at least 4 years of professional experience. Contract and remuneration to be defined based on the candidate's experience and verifiable skills.
As a principal infrastructure engineer, you're expected to be well versed with the following:
• Excellent knowledge in cloud technology, instrumentation and cloud networking appliances (focus AWS and Azure)
• Strong working experience and expertise in
o Container Concepts (docker, K8S),
o CI/CD,
o Deployment, Infrastructure Automation & Orchestration,
o Source Control (git – workflow and scripting proficiency),
o Infrastructure as code.
• Excellent technical writing skills / documentation culture,
• Sound understanding for DevOps tools and end-to-end implementation,
• Experience in defining architecture / re-factoring / migrating existing architectures,
• Initiatives to automate processes,
• Effective cross-functional leadership skills: working with engineering and operational teams to ensure systems are secure, scalable, and reliable,
• Configuration management solutions to meet the needs of application deployment and management,
• Ability to review deployment and operational environments, i.e., execute initiatives to reduce failure, troubleshoot issues across the entire infrastructure stack, expand monitoring capabilities, and manage technical operations,
• Experience with security, high availability, load balancing, acceleration and virtualization technologies,
• Having CKA (Certified Kubernetes Administrator by CNCF) certification is a benefit,
• Having experience in Project Management / Team Management is a benefit.
Key skills:
DevOps, Linux, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Virtualization, AWS, Azure, Configuration Management Tools, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Varnish, AKS, EKS, ELK, ElasticSearch, Redis, DocumentDB, PostgreSQL Nginx, Magento 2, php-fpm, New Relic

Responsibilities and Duties
As a principal engineer, you'd be:
• Evaluate and recommend necessary changes in performance tuning, infrastructure design and monitoring.
• Conduct complex technical evaluation and suggest proposed physical / virtual / container architectures along with detailed designs.
• Head responsibility to install, configure and maintain applications with IT infrastructure.
• Analyse problems, evaluate technical issues, test, maintain, modify, integrate, monitor and ensure to automate software systems.
• Conduct long range strategic plans of IT infrastructure plus operational aspects of application execution within infrastructure.
• Handle organization-wide ecommerce projects (Magento 2 based) to ensure applications optimal performance and related infrastructure.
• Configure integration aspects like MW connectivity, database connectivity and API calls to attain business requirements.
• Execute application-level SSL plus configure mutual validation for back-end systems communication.
• Support install applications for system production and test to ensure maximum support through applying best practices.
• Execute technology successfully by minimal downtime and disruption.
• Write infrastructure related scripts to automate all manual tasks plus streamline operational activities.
• Provide general framework plus environment to assist application developers and maintain activities.
• Involve actively in teams of cross functional project to assist solve problems inclusive of different technologies across multiple work groups.
• Consult project engineers and managers to assure technology is suitably deployed and used to deliver applications along with technology solutions.
• Facilitate development process and operations.
• Establish a suitable DevOps channel across the organization.
• Setting up a continuous build environment to speed up software development and deployment process.
• Guide developers and operation teams in case of an infrastructural and architectural issues.
• Monitor, review and manage technical operations.
• Configuration management policies and their automation.
• Design and build solutions that migrate applications and data to cloud-based solutions.
• Monitor the delivery of solutions between architecture, time, cost, and quality.